5050 Crowdfunding is a
cooperative team crowdfunding
system where…

Givers Become Receivers!
Crowdfunding Is Being Used To Raise
Billions Of Dollars Globally AND…
Projected To Be A $300 Billion Industry By 2025!

5050 Crowdfunding can help you claim your

share of the $300 Billion crowdfunding industry.

Raise Funds For Any Purpose!

Start a new business or expand an existing business , charity, pay off debt/student loans, buy a home, buy a car, supplement income or just to take a dream vacation.

How Does 5050 Crowdfunding Work?

There are 8 Donation Levels from $25 to $4000. You can choose to start with the $25 Donation Level or the $250 Donation Level independently. All other levels can only be added in ascending order. You will only receive donations from the levels you are an active donor of.

There are a total of just 6 Donation Pods in your Wheelhouse and the simple explanation to complete it is this… 


When your Wheelhouse fills another one automatically and immediately opens for you to receive more donations when you have 2 personal active donors in that level. You can receive up to 6 donations without any personal donors.

The ultimate goal is to eventually be receiving donations from all 8 donation levels over and over.

How to leverage $25 to $23,450 in 30 days!

Get started today, start raising funds today!

Just a One-Time out of Pocket Donation

License Fee $29 every 6 months or $39 Yearly

Start with $25 Donation Level and leverage
Your profits to $4000 Donation Level.

(Add each consecutive level when you are ready.)

You may choose to start at the $250 level to supersize your donations and  reach your funding goals quicker.

Join $25 & $250 Donation Levels in order
capture donations from both entry levels.

(Only select the levels you are prepared to donate to now)