What Do You Want Or Need To Live A Better Life?


How Much Debt Do You Have?

Are You Trying To Survive On Social Security?


Do You Need To Replace Lost Wages?
There are many people that have lost their jobs…
some temporarily and for others permanently.


Maybe You Just Want Time Freedom So
You Can Enjoy Time With Your Family!


Whatever Your Reason…
You Need A Way Out?
You Need A Plan B?


CoopCrowd Cooperative Crowdfunding
is our Plan B and everyone needs this opportunity.

Crowdfunding is fast becoming the number one source for
raising funds for any purpose, even to get out of debt or
supplement your income!

Crowdfunding is the practice of receiving money for any reason by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. And no one does it better than CoopCrowd!



Crowdfunding is currently a $34 Billion industry and is moving
toward $300 Billion by 2025.  We are going to show you how to
claim a portion of that $300 Billion!



There Are All Sorts Of Crowdfunding Campaigns



CoopCrowd Is The First And Only Subscription Based
 Crowdfunding System That…

Turns Givers Into Receivers!

CoopCrowd is a powerful system and whether you need hundreds for bills, or thousands to get out of debt or millions to wake up your big idea  CoopCrowd can help you!

 Unlike traditional crowdfunding platforms, where all the funds go to one person or cause, in CoopCrowd 10 people or causes benefit from the donations because we do it cooperatively.

Personal Fundraising With Fundly




CoopCrowd Makes It As Easy As



Numbers Don’t Lie!
The system works and it can make you a Millionaire…
Let us show you how.

By the time you get to Crowd Stage 10 in our cooperative
you will be well on your way to becoming a Millionaire.



What Is The Secret To Become A Millionaire?
Here is what Amway Multi-millionaire Bill Britt has to say about that.



Are you willing to work the system and do what
it takes to get where you want to go.

We have an incredible system.


When You Join CoopCrowd Freedom Seekers Team,
You Just Need To Show Up With The Right MINDSET!

We are here to support you with webinars, education and training. You just need commitment and participation in building your crowd.


Get started wherever your budget allows but we recommend
the $84 Subscription which represents 3 months,
which is the amount of time we believe most people need
to be solidly on their way to achieving their funding goals.


Get Back To The Person Who Invited You To CoopCrowd…
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