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Crowdfunding Is Being Used To Raise
Billions Of Dollars Globally AND…
On The Way To Become A $300 Billion
Industry By 2025!


Thank you for visiting my site. I’m Sheryl Hanna and I’m very happy to announce there’s finally a better way to get the resources you need to become successful. Even if you lack prior business experience, there are people out there no different from you who’ve moved away from the past. These folks now generate far more money from a location of their choosing. Full-time pay for part-time work. Sounds too good to be true, but I’d like you to know there’s finally a system which will bring you everything you need and more!

It’s the best time to begin changing your life. Are you sick of being berated by your boss? Is the minimum wage you receive from your day job barely livable? Must you take on countless overtime hours to make ends meet? If these sound like your present state of living, it’s time to consider employment alternatives. Why should you be somewhere you don’t want to be any longer? There’s finally a way to make more money with none of the unwanted hassles and frustrations. You can live the No Boss Lifestyle and you can do it anywhere you choose.

Let me introduce you to the world of Crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding has grown into a multi-billion dollar phenomenon in just a couple of decades. The crowdfunding industry is currently over $34 Billion and is on target to become over $300 Billion by 2025.

There are over 191 traditional crowdfunding platforms in the USA alone. GoFundMe, Facebook, PayPal, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, just to name a few, are crowdfunding platforms widely used to raise funds. However, to benefit, you need a ton of friends, a lot of time and decent business skills. And only one person gets all the money. Crowdfunding can be used by any individual to raise funds for any purpose, business or pleasure. Our family of cooperative crowdfunding systems will give you the opportunity to claim a share of that $300 Billion industry. 


CoopCrowd Is The Newest And Most

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We Turn Givers Into


Anyone can do crowdfunding for any purpose!

Claim your share of the crowdfunding industry’s
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Live the financial freedom lifestyle anywhere you choose, even on the beaches around the world.
Do you want to break free of a lifestyle in which you’ve got no freedom and next to nothing for personal income? I’m telling people more about what they need to know if they want to break free of the cubicle jungle. There are finally ways to succeed which aren’t misleading scams or schemes!

You’ve surely considered owning your own business, maybe buying a franchise. Your low-risk franchise is here! People are hesitant to invest in alternatives or to start their businesses due to the high costs and potential sacrifices they require. But what if I were to tell you it was possible to make more money sooner with none of the hassles? Get an idea of what I’ve got to offer you here, and you’ll never find yourself stuck in the past again. Much to your relief, our family of Cooperative Crowdfunding Systems are like owning your own low risk crowdfunding franchise and we do it better than any other crowdfunding platform!

You can be your own boss in a cash leveraging, wealth generation system that will help you achieve the financial freedom lifestyle you want and deserve. Building a business from the ground up is a costly and lengthy effort which is sure to serve as a risk you don’t want to take. Why go somewhere else and be deceived by a scheme or scam? It’s a challenge to make ends meet in today’s world, but I’m pleased to offer you a solution in which things can only get better. Your world will change in the best of ways.


What is your Cause? Would you like to…
* Have a better retirement income?
* Drive a better car?
* Go for more holidays with family?
* Cruise around the world?
* Quit your job forever?
* Enjoy your favorite sports? fishing, golf etc…
* Spend more time with your love ones?
* Send your kids to private school?
* Churches, Charities and Non-Profit Organizations etc……?
* Or…

Crowdfund Your Dream Home