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No Matter who you are, life will surprise you. Either with a layoff,
a sickness,
some unexpected bills, or some kind of an emergency.
We have been there.
Maybe you didn’t get that raise. Or you just can’t keep up with the cost of living.
If you’re on Social Security, I know you need to supplement your income.
Do you want to end up where you began…
Working at McDonalds instead of retiring?
What If They Cut Social Security?
  We’re Offering you a choice…
7 Weeks! Or maybe 7 Months. It’s up to you.
You’re ether in control OR “YOU’RE NOT”

Simple And Powerful 3 Step Crowdfunding…



Donate $28 Every 28 Days Or $84 Every 84 Days
Creates Residual Donations!

Invite 3 You’re Donation Subscription Is Covered And…
When Your 3 Invite 3 You’re…
Qualified For 10 Levels Of Donations And Bonuses To Infinity.

CoopCrowd Freedom Seekers Team will show you how we can do this in weeks.

Join CoopCrowd Freedom Seekers Team

You have seen the numbers and the numbers work and so does the system. The only question is will you work the system? You just invite 3 and help those 3 invite 3.
Although you are in business for yourself, you are never by yourself. We are here
to help and support you. You just need to reach out to us.

What do you need to do?

* Have a burning desire for things to change.

* Pay your donation subscription. We recommend the $84/84 days subscriptionas we feel this is substantial time to insure your account becomes self funding by donations received, meaning no more money out of pocket, however you are free to choose the $28 subscription if you prefer.

*Be proactive…Grow your crowd by sharing with everyone you know or participate in team
Co-op advertising campaigns.

*Get educated and understand crowdfunding… https://aboutcrowdfundinginfo.com

*Review registration and payment options… Click Here

*Come to Zoom Meetings and bring your guests…
We will do the presentations and answer all the questions:
Thursdays @ 6pm PST/9pm EST
Zoom ID 385 267 2319
Direct Access Link: http://vegasshannazoom.com


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With consistency in sharing and with the whole team participation we can create success for all. 
T E A M..Together Everyone Achieves More!